1. "you chug a fifth of alcohol by yourself & everyone around you is too busy cheering to wonder how empty you had to be in order to do it"
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    Moment of silence for straight girls whose boyfriends don’t go down on them

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    I stood naked over him and took a picture

    Why do I love everything about this

    this is so cute

    I love everything and everyone in this picture with all my heart and soul

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    appreciate brown eyes more bc the people with brown eyes are grown up forcing to believe fuckin blue and green and grey are beautiful and either detest or get incredibly happy when someone compliments their eye color stop letting this happen

    there are people with brown eyes reblogging this and theyre talking about still being sad with their eye color and this is exactly why we need hype about brown eyes

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    I hope it was a great one <3

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    Have you ever come across a homeless individual and felt totally uncomfortable?
    You see them and you know they are in need, but you are not sure what to do. You know that handing them money is not the best thing. But, you also see that they clearly have some needs. Their lips are chapped. They are hungry. They are thirsty. They are asking for help.
    How can you help?
    Here is a simple idea - blessing bags.

    This was such an easy project. We are now going to keep a few “Blessing Bags” in our car so that when we do happen to see someone on the streets who is homeless, we can hand them a Blessing Bag. I first learned of these bags from my friend, Julie. I am using the picture of her bags (see above) because the ones we took were taken in horrible lighting and turned out really grainy and hard to see what is inside of them.

    If you’d like to make your own Blessing Bags, this is what you would need:
    Gallon size Ziplock bags
    items to go in the bags, such as:
    chap stick
    packages of tissues
    toothbrush and toothpaste
    trail mix
    granola bars
    pack of gum
    band aids
    coins (could be used to make a phone call, or purchase a food item)
    hand wipes
    you could also put in a warm pair of socks, and maybe a Starbucks gift card
    Assemble all the items in the bags, and maybe throw in a note of encouragement. Seal the bags and stow in your car for a moment of providence.
    This would be a great activity to do with some other families. Each family could bring one of the items going into the bags (ex: toothbrushes). Set up all the items around a table and walk around it with the ziplocks and fill the bags.

    oh man i wanna do this

    mee tooo. im bout to go to the dollar tree and rack up or a wholesale store.

    All these reblogs make me so happy to see. So many amazing people on tumblr

    random acts if kindness

    please include a couple pairs of socks actually! Socks are among the most highly desired clothing item for homeless individuals

    Holiday ideas! Also space blankets/rain ponchos would b good

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    I took a before and after pic of when I smoked. I then fused the two to make one man. [7]

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    baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

    I like how it just sits down like oh.. Ok

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    Whenever a guy sleeps with lots of girls he is a “player” but whenever I do it I’m a “lesbian”

    I laughed to hard

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    I’m sick of magical worlds with no technology. I want fairy run coffee shops where you can get a latte with a shot of charisma, because you’ve got a big presentation you’re worried about, or witches working at Apple selling phones that automatically appear in your pocket if you accidentally leave it somewhere, or psychics running hair salons who always know how you want your hair to look, or aura reader therapists. I just really want normalized magic in modern society.

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